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Skipping Beats...Blushing Cheeks

Why'd you have to be so cute?

24 July
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First of all, I am a pathetic college student who cannot seem to find a job, AT ALL. And to recite one of my favorite quotes ever: I'm the type of person who would burst out laughing because of something that happened yesterday. I love being around people though especially when I find someone to talk to even if it's only for a short period of time. I love talking about anything random, especially if it's something that would seriously catch my attention. It's not like I'm gonna tell my entire life story here so here's the few other things I would throw out there: I like anime/mangas (which unfortunately makes me feel utterly ashamed of, thanks to the new generation of fans), sci-fi shows, Marvel (Thank you First Class for rekindling my fondness for X-men and Marvel studios for my new opinion/respect for Captain America) I enjoy listening to music, and I love to sketch (aaaand so does about ninety seven percent of people in this site).
And that's about it since barely anyone would probably look at this profile anyways.