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Oh wow...

A few weeks after uploading those three podfics that I've been working on, I checked back to Mediafire and Sendspace to look at the stats and I am surprised that they got so many downloads! I am really humbled here that that many people took the time to listen to it.

And the biggest shocker of all?

Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective and A Scot is in the jinjurly archive! 

I am literally floored here that 'Two Doctors' is in there with all those awesome podfics that I've been listening to since I discovered what a podfic was.


Okay, moving on!

I just bought a new, pretty good quality microphone for my laptop and I've been making two more podfics that might come out within the next month!

Yes, one of them is the sequel to "Two Doctors..." by The Shoelessone. The other one is a The Walking Dead fanfic that I found in their Kink Meme that I thought was just precious. I'm pretty sure a number of people have already heard of The Walking Dead series, but it's basically a show about how people try to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. Anyways, the fic is called Crazy in the Head by craisinslou and its just crack at its finest. Basic plot is: Daryl is trying to court Glenn, by traditional means, and Glenn just thinks that Daryl is out to murder him. 

So yes, expect one of those two in the next month