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Podfic: Equivalent Exchange

Title: Equivalent Exchange
Author:  thedeadparrot
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) x Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R
Length:  36:34
Summary: John comes back from the war broken in more ways than one

MP3 & MP4

Reader’s note: My first podfic! Many thanks to thedeadparrot for letting me do this, as well as susan_voight
 for being my Beta and picking at the stuff I completely missed. I found this fic around the time I started getting into the Sherlock fandom, and being a fan of the FMA series since the first anime, this was a treat to read. And I really hope that I did this some justice. If you have any feedback for the the author leave a comment on her LJ parrotfic; if you want to leave me feedback just leave a comment on my LJ.


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Mar. 15th, 2012 07:43 pm (UTC)
Is this your first podfic? It is indeed really, really good (although the story is so, so angsty...)! Congrats and keep on recording!
Mar. 16th, 2012 04:21 am (UTC)
Aw thank you! I was pretty worried about how this would turn out, but I'm really happy that you liked it!
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