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Podfic: A Hammer To Build

Title: A Hammer to Build
Author: seizure7
Fandom: The Avengers (MCU)
Rating: Gen
Length: ~6 mins
Tony unknowingly performs an act of kindness. He doesn’t know what to do with himself when Thor returns it.

Cover_A Hammer To Build

Links: MP3 (Mediafire)


Reader's Notes: Thank you seizure7 for letting me do this! If you guys like this look at her stuff over at AO3 or if you guys have a Tumblr follow her there! First podfic in a LONG time, I thought I might try to start on something small again before I go continue on my larger projects. 

My Unintentional Hiatus

So, I feel a bit bad about this but, but I somehow placed myself on an unintentional hiatus. I apologize because I have podfic projects that I promised a few people out there that I will work.

But then two schools and a job happened and my schedule was limited to only a few hours at a time on tumblr and the small creepypasta reads here and there.

BUT now I'm back!

Sort of....

That's because my two schools and a job is now reduced to school, internship and a job, and i'm hoping by December it would be: Internship and a Job so there would me a bit more time in between.

But....that's not until December, Bay, so STFU.


I made an account to SoundCloud so I can upload my readings there as well as upload them to mediafire for podfics! So to however reads this: you can go ahead and visit me there too. Oh and I also decided to make a Dreamwidth account so there's a possibility of migration in the future.

Podfic: The Joke is Better the Second Time

Title: The Joke is Better the Second Time
Author: TheShoelessOne

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) + Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Length: 40:15
Sometimes the joke gets funnier the more you tell it. Sequel to "Two Doctors, a Nurse, a Detective and a Scot". John/Sherlock

Links: MP3 & M4B (Mediafire)
Reader's Notes: Once again: Thank you TheShoelessOne for letting me podfic this brilliant piece of Wholock. Just a few minor heads up about this fic: this is my first ever attempt at acting out a Dalek, I have an American (with a hint of filipino) accent so pardon the Daleks for having my odd blend of American and Filipino. Also, there's this small part in the beginning where I had to move about the order of the paragraph because of a really large afterthought in parenthesis. I'm sorry if that messes anyone.

Why Yes I'm still Making Podfics

It's just that I'm a Occupational Therapy Assistant Student trying to pass her classes and the only time I can actually do any sort of recording is this hour gap between my constant studying of the human anatomy and actually going to class. Let's not even talk about what happens after class since, well, it's dedicated to gathering the remaining bits of my wits in order to scavenge something smart to put into my homework or going to work and then doing the scavenging thing.


I'm about 60% done on the Two Doctors sequel and I'm starting to map out a new podfic that I tried to start a few weeks ago.

This time around I'm going for The Walking Dead fandom. 

The fic was so much fun to read that I couldn't help myself and asked permission to record it. But, it's going to take a while to finish that one! It's pretty long...

Oh wow...

A few weeks after uploading those three podfics that I've been working on, I checked back to Mediafire and Sendspace to look at the stats and I am surprised that they got so many downloads! I am really humbled here that that many people took the time to listen to it.

And the biggest shocker of all?

Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective and A Scot is in the jinjurly archive! 

I am literally floored here that 'Two Doctors' is in there with all those awesome podfics that I've been listening to since I discovered what a podfic was.


Okay, moving on!

I just bought a new, pretty good quality microphone for my laptop and I've been making two more podfics that might come out within the next month!

Yes, one of them is the sequel to "Two Doctors..." by The Shoelessone. The other one is a The Walking Dead fanfic that I found in their Kink Meme that I thought was just precious. I'm pretty sure a number of people have already heard of The Walking Dead series, but it's basically a show about how people try to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. Anyways, the fic is called Crazy in the Head by craisinslou and its just crack at its finest. Basic plot is: Daryl is trying to court Glenn, by traditional means, and Glenn just thinks that Daryl is out to murder him. 

So yes, expect one of those two in the next month

Title: Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective and a Scot
Author: TheShoelessOne
Fandom: Doctor Who X Sherlock (BBC) (Wholock)
Rating: PG
Length: 29:34
Stop me if you've heard this one... John/Sherlock

Links: Mp3 M4b (Sendspace)
Mp3 M4b (Mediafire)

Reader's Notes: Great Big Thank You to the TheShoelessOne for allowing me to do a podfic out of this! Her Doctor was fun read and all-in-all it was a very fun time to record. Go visit her FF.net page if you want to give her feedback or if you want to read the rest of this fun little Wholock series. I am planning on doing a podfic for all parts of this series but it will take some time because there are Daleks in the next part. If you want to leave me feedback just leave a comment on my journal at animabaya

Music used for this fic: I Am The Doctor by Murray Gold.

Podfic: Baseball

Title: Baseball
Author:  Fawx
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho X Twilight
Rating: T
Length:  7:57
Summary: A crossover with Twilight. Yuusuke and crew must unearth the truth behind the Forks vampires. What adventures do they have in store? It's srs bizness, u gais.

Links: Mp3 & Mp4 (Sendspace)
           Mp3 & Mp4 (Mediafire)

Reader's Notes:Thank you Fawx for letting me podfic this! Even though you have absolutely no idea what a podfic is...!  (until me) Anyways, I found this fic a few years ago when I decided to saunter back to some of my old anime obsessions and this fic always gave me a good laugh whenever I go back to it. Plus, making the podfic was a blast; Yusuke's voice was just so much fun to do (because this is pretty much how I talk IRL) and Fawx did a pretty good job with his monologue. Oh and let's get this straight while we're at it: I have never read the Twilight series, but I have seen the first movie although I don't remember it quite well... but the baseball scene was one of the few scenes that stuck for some reason... so I claim to know nothing of this series but for the various tid-bits I hear from fans. I just thought this fic was hilarious for poking fun at the "Sparkly" aspect that Twilight vampires notoriously seem to have. If you want to give the author feedback leave them a comment at her FF.net page  If you want to leave me feedback leave a comment at my journal.

Podfic: Equivalent Exchange

Title: Equivalent Exchange
Author:  thedeadparrot
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) x Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R
Length:  36:34
Summary: John comes back from the war broken in more ways than one

MP3 & MP4

Reader’s note: My first podfic! Many thanks to thedeadparrot for letting me do this, as well as susan_voight
 for being my Beta and picking at the stuff I completely missed. I found this fic around the time I started getting into the Sherlock fandom, and being a fan of the FMA series since the first anime, this was a treat to read. And I really hope that I did this some justice. If you have any feedback for the the author leave a comment on her LJ parrotfic; if you want to leave me feedback just leave a comment on my LJ.

Update: Podfic projects almost finished!

So, like I said about a week (?) ago, I tried my hand on podficcing. So I asked permission to to a podfic for the fic Equivalent Exchange by thedeadparrot and the Two Doctors, a Nurse, A Detective and a Scot series. I finished recording and editing both, however Equivalent Exchange is still being beta'd while Two Doctors still needs a beta.

I had fun recording both of them, for the record, the two fics are in two different ends of the spectrum in terms of genre with Equivalent Exchange being the heart wrenching contrast to Two Doctors' lighthearted adventurous world. 

Till next time!

So it's official: I'm Podficcing

Like I said a few weeks ago, I decided to try out podficcing!

So, currently I have two(-ish?) fics that I have permission to podfic:
  • Equivalent Exchange Initial recording done, first editing done, second editing in progress. Note to self: learn how to say a sentence that has the word 'cock' in it with a straight face.
  •  Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective and A Scott (and the sequels) GOT THE PERMISSION TO PODFIC IT!!!!